Adrenalinn III


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Beat-Synced Multi Filter FX for Guitar with Amp Modeling and Drum Machine.

With AdrenaLinn III's unique filter sequences, random filter patterns and synced modulation effects, even simple musical ideas are transformed into rhythmic masterpieces, all locked to the internal drumbeats or MIDI clock. Add 40 superb amp models, note-triggered filter effects, reverb, compression and extensive MIDI pedalboard control, and you'll see why AdrenaLinn III stands alone in a sea of commodity guitar effects.

Beat-Synced Effects

Select one of the 200 presets, play simple chords or arpeggios in time to one of the drumbeats, and listen as AdrenaLinn III transforms them into looped rhythmic patterns of spiked, swooped, swirled, chopped and mangled tonal variations, inspiring you to new and unexpected compositional ideas. Or simply use a tremolo or flanger that moves in perfect sync to the beat. All the modulation effects you know and love now  sync to you. 

A Modular Synthesizer where you are the Oscillator

Inside AdrenaLinn III are the elements of a modular synthesizer-- various filters, an LFO, a digital VCA,  step sequencer, note-triggered envelope genrator, envelope follower and more--that you can connect together to create effects. But instead of an oscillator to generate the sound source, that's your job.

40 Superb Guitar Amp Models

Ever since Hendrix's wah-wah and Marshalls, filters and distortion have had a very special relationship. But a wah sounds different with a Fender than with a Marshall, so we give you 40 faithful reproductions of the greatest guitar amps, providing everything from sweet, bell-like tones to extreme high-gain distortion. Of course, they sound incredible even on their own. 

Programmable Drum Machine

Beat-Synced effects need a beat to sync to, so AdrenaLinn III includes a programmable drum machine with 200 inspiring beats, 40 sounds and two degrees of swing for natural human feel. Or turn the beats off and hear the effects sync to your track, syncing to your computer recording software via Midi.