Cell 48 Eurorack Case


Call (415-554-1977) or email for availability.

A custom designed, heavy duty steel frame matched with replaceable Pennsylvania cherry hardwood sides that are now included for $249.00.

The desktop cases are available in single and double row configurations. Frames and wood sides are available separately to allow for easy expandability and customizing.

  • Width: 242mm (48hp)
  • Available Depth for Modules 53mm
  • Available Depth for Modules (above Power Supply) 36mm
  • 9 Sliding Nuts Per Rail Supports Up To 9 Modules
  • 20 (4-40 Size) Panel Screws Included
  • Power: 450mA Linear Supply
  • 12VAC 1.2A AC Power Adapter
  • Custom Ribbon Cable with 8 Power Headers
  • Hand Crafted Pennsylvania Cherry Hardwood Sides
  • Rear Mounted On/Off Switch
  • Rear Mounted 2.1mm Universal Power Adapter Jack