Pro 2


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    One of the greatest Synths of all time!---ROBOTSPEAk
    • Oscillators
      • Four DSP-based oscillators plus one sine wave sub-oscillator
      • Four classic waveshapes (saw, square, triangle, sine) per oscillator
      • Twelve selectable complex shapes per oscillator
      • 13 Superwaves
      • Three noise types per oscillator: white, pink, violet
      • Shape modulation / pulse width / superwave detune amount
      • Oscillator cross modulation: frequency modulation (FM) and amplitude modulation (AM)
      • Hard sync, individual glide, oscillator slop
    • Paraphonic playability: true 4-voice paraphonic mode with individually gated envelopes per oscillator
    • Character effects
      • Five high-quality digital effects thicken the signal, add harmonics or completely destroy the signal pre-filter
      • Girth and Air are high- and low-shelf equalizers with harmonic excitement, useful for thickening and/or adding 'air' to the signal
      • Hack and Decimate are sample and bit rate reduction algorithms which can add subtle grit or completely trash the signal—it's harsh, yet musical
      • Drive is a soft saturator for adding soft distortion and harmonic content to the signal
    • Filters
      • Dual analog filters operate in serial or parallel
      • Filter 1 is a 4-pole resonant analog low-pass filter inspired by the original Prophet-5 filter
      • Filter 2 is a 2-pole resonant analog state-variable filter inspired by the Oberheim SEM filter and can be continuously varied between low-pass, notch, and high-pass operation, with an optional band-pass mode
      • Oscillator split allows Oscillators 1 & 2 to be sent to Filter 1 and Oscillators 3 & 4 to Filter 2
    • Feedback and delay
      • Tuned feedback
      • Three-tap syncable delay with feedback and amount controls, pan, and high-pass and low-pass filtering, all per delay
      • A separate fourth delay is a digital bucket-brigade delay (BBD) for analog-style effects
    • Envelopes
      • Five delay + ADSR envelopes (Filter 1, Filter 2, VCA, and two auxiliary envelopes)
      • Auxiliary envelopes 4 and 5 freely assignable to multiple modulation destinations
      • All envelopes can repeat/loop
    • LFOs: four syncable LFOs with phase offset and slew per LFO
    • Modulation
      • 16 x 2 modulation matrix with over 50 mod sources and over 140 mod destinations
      • Parameters that can be sent to CV outputs include oscillators, LFOs, envelopes, sequencer tracks and any other source within the modulation matrix
      • Runs up to audio rates
      • Gate out for triggering external CV-compatible devices
      • Any CV in can be used as a gate input
    • Control voltage ins & outs and gate out
      • Four 1-volt-per-octave control voltage inputs and outputs for interfacing with modular synths and other CV-compatible devices
      • Modulation assignment buttons enable quick and easy modulation routing
      • Mod matrix runs up to audio rates
    • Sequencer
      • Advanced step sequencer provides up to 32 steps per sequence and up to 16 tracks
      • Supports real-time input, rests, and variable-length sequences
      • Syncs to MIDI clock and external audio and CV input
      • Sequences can control not only oscillator pitch but any parameter in the modulation matrix
    • Arpeggiator
      • Sophisticated arpeggiator with up, down, up+down, random, assign modes
      • Supports realtime input, rests and variable-length sequences
      • Re-latching arpeggiation
      • Programmable distortion: stereo analog distortion
    • Controls
      • More than 50 knobs and 65 buttons enable deep and comprehensive editing with minimal menu diving
      • Backlit pitch and mod wheels are easily visible in low-light situations and have a smooth yet precise feel and response
      • Independently adjustable upper and lower pitch wheel range
      • Two assignable position- and pressure-sensitive latchable touch sliders for enhanced interactivity and control
      • Full-sized, three-and-a-half-octave, semi-weighted keyboard with velocity and aftertouch
    • Memory
      • 396 user and 396 factory programs
      • Playlist mode for generating easily accessible setlists of your favorite programs
    • I/O
      • 1 MIDI in, 1 MIDI out, and 1 MIDI thru/out port
      • USB port for bidirectional MIDI communication
      • 4 CV inputs (4 × 1/8" jack)
      • 4 CV outputs (4 × 1/8" jack)
      • 1 gate out (1/8" jack)
      • 1 sustain/footswitch input
      • 1 expression pedal input
      • 1 external audio input (1/4" phone jack)
      • Main stereo output (2 × 1/4" phone jack)
      • Headphone out (stereo 1/4" phone jack)
    • Power
      • Universal IEC AC power inlet for internal power supply
      • Operates worldwide on voltages between 100-240v, 50-60Hz
      • 30 watts maximum power consumption
    • Physical
      • Walnut end panels and trim
      • Dimensions: approximately 29.2" L × 12.8" W × 4.15" H
      • Weight: 18.7 lbs.

    Dave Smith calls the Pro 2 his 'most powerful mono synth ever.' It shares the same exceptional ergonomics and playability as its 12-voice sibling the Prophet 12, but carves out distinctly different sonic territory with an all new dual analog filter architecture, a monster step sequencer, superwaves, digital bucket-brigade delay and a lot more. Nothing else sounds like it and nothing else performs like it—the Pro 2 raises the bar for mono synths and redefines the word 'fat.'

    A new classic for a new generation
    The Pro 2 is a fusion of classic analog synthesizer design and cutting-edge digital technology. It boasts four high-resolution digital oscillators plus a sub oscillator. The oscillators produce both classic and complex waveshapes and can frequency- and amplitude-modulate each other in any operator and modulator configurations you choose for harmonically rich FM and AM sounds. A set of Character controls adds high and low frequency boost, bit and sample rate reduction and tape saturation emulation to the Pro 2's sonic palette.

    Two new filters based on vintage designs
    At the heart of the Pro 2's gutsy sound is its all new dual filter design. Filter 1 is a 4-pole low-pass design inspired by the original Prophet-5 filter. Filter 2 is a state-variable design inspired by the Oberheim SEM and can be continuously varied between low-pass, notch and high-pass operation with an optional band-pass mode. The two filters function in either serial or parallel or anywhere in between. Two of the four oscillators can be routed through Filter 1 with the other two routed through Filter 2 for a broad range of tonal possibilities.

    Advanced sequencing
    One of the most exciting features of the Pro 2 is its sequencer, possibly the most powerful step sequencer ever designed for a synth. With up to 32 steps and 16 tracks, it provides real-time input, rests and variable-length sequences. It also syncs to MIDI clock and external audio input. Sequence tracks can control any parameter in the Pro 2's extensive modulation matrix.

    Plays well with modulars
    The Pro 2's flexible architecture opens the door not only to processing external audio, but also to interfacing with modular synths through its 4 rear-panel control voltage inputs and outputs and a dedicated gate output. Control voltages can be assigned and routed from within the modulation matrix and can run at audio rates for extreme modulation effects. Among the many parameters that can be sent to the CV outputs are oscillators, LFOs, envelopes and sequencer tracks, making the Pro 2 a natural choice for the center of your studio or live setup.

    Delays, envelopes, LFOs, arpeggiator and a multitude of modulation
    The Pro 2's delay section provides three digital delays with pan, and high- and low-pass filtering controls. A fourth delay is a digital bucket-brigade delay (BBD) for analog-style effects. There are four loopable five-stage envelope generators, four syncable LFOs with slew and phase offset, a full-featured arpeggiator and a sixteen slot modulation matrix with dozens of modulation sources and destinations.

    Monophonic by design, paraphonic by choice
    The Pro 2 was designed primarily as a super-powerful monosynth, but it’s also a true four-voice paraphonic synth that allows you to control each of its four oscillators individually with their own envelopes. This makes playing four-note chords not only possible, but very expressive.

    Package all of this power in a three-and-a-half octave, semi-weighted keyboard with velocity and channel aftertouch, add two backlit pitch and mod wheels and two location- and pressure-sensitive touch sliders, and you've got one of the most feature-rich, awe-inspiring synthesizers ever created!

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