A 100 lc6 Eurorack Case


Call (415-554-1977) or email for availability.

the a-100 low cost suitcase is an inexpensive, open front variant of the a-100p. the case frame is simple and does not contain the front lid, amongst other differences. the housing is manufactured from raw wood. the housing can later be painted, for example with the help of a lacquer spray box by the customer in each desired color.

the housing is produced with a net entrance at the back. the price is approximately 35% under that of the regular a-100p. dimensions: outside approx. 445 x 275 x 160 mm , inside: 2 x 84 width unit x 3 he, usable depth for a-100 module: approx. 90 mm within the range of the power pack (right down), otherwise approx. 110 mm (counted starting from the inside of the front plate). no sensitive audio modules should be mounted near the power pack. we recommend to place control voltage modules (e.g. lfo, adsr, trigger delay, clock teiler/sequencer, sequencer, slew limiter, midi interface, etc.) within this range only, and no audio modules (e.g. vco, vcf, vca, vcp, frequency shifter, ring modulator, etc.). in this range the depth is also somewhat smaller, so deeper modules (e.g. a-113 or a-126) will not fit near the power pack.

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