A 100 lg6 Eurorack case


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basic frames 6u / 84hp

specifications for frames: empty 19" rackmount cases (subracks), width about 482 mm, depth about 240mm, including  bus board(s), power supply +/-12 v/ 1200 ma (known as the psu2), mains inlet, fuse and power switch, rear, top and bottom covers, incl. all mechanical parts, completely assembled and tested, for plug-in of the desired modules.

6u: 2 x 3 u (about 264 mm), 2 x 84 hp effective width (about 2 x 426.7 mm), 2 bus boards, 1 back panel 3u (blind), 1 back panel 3u with power supply, used for a-100 basic system 1 and 2

power supply : 115v