Abelton Suite Educational


This is the same version of live 9 Suite. Same feature set and instruments and content but Ableton offers up a discount of $299 if you are currently in school. It just so happens that if you take the ROBOTSPEAk Live 101202 or Ableton for Dj's class you will be eligible for this discount! Call or email for details

Live Suite 9 is the culmination of years of upgrades in Live which not only brings major enhancements to the worlds most popular music software, but its collection of software instruments, effects and content.  

What you get:

All features in Live 9 + the following:

3000+ Sounds (54GB) 

Including Session Drums, Drum Machines, Retrosynths, the Orchestral Instruments collection and more.

9 Instruments
+ Analog, Collision, Electric, Operator, Sampler, Tension

Drum Rack, Impulse, Simpler

Also includes External Instrument device

40 Effects

+ Amp, Cabinet, Corpus

Arpeggiator, Auto Filter, Auto Pan, Beat Repeat, Chord, Chorus, Compressor, Corpus, Dynamic Tube, EQ Eight, EQ Three, Erosion, External Audio Effect, Filter Delay, Flanger, Frequency Shifter, Gate, Glue, Grain Delay, Limiter, Looper, Multi-band Dynamics, Note Length, Overdrive, Phaser, Ping Pong Delay, Pitch, Random, Redux, Resonators, Reverb, Saturator, Scale, Simple Delay, Spectrum, Utility, Velocity, Vinyl Distortion, Vocoder

Max for Live
Limitless possibilities for creating devices and customizing Live
Comes with Convolution Reverb, Convolution Reverb Pro, Mono Sequencer, Buffer Shuffler 2, Drum Synth (13 devices), LFO, Envelope Follower, XY Pad, Multimap, Device Randomizer, Control Device MIDI, Envelope MIDI, LFO MIDI