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Great condition Yamaha CS-60 for sale.
It was serviced about 5 years ago. It Sounds Great, in excellent condition and ready to go. Since servicing, it has been in it's case. You may not find many in better condition. 
Asking $14,500 
 Not interested in looky loos checking it out to be admired, played, sampled etc- looking for a serious buyer.
If interested email info@robotspeak.com or call the shop and let’s discuss options on how we might facilitate the sale.
Info: Yamaha CS-60 in Excellent Condition both cosmetically and electrically. 
Fully functional, It does include:
The Music Rack.
No Legs or Bag. 
The Yamaha CS-60 (along with the CS80 & CS50) gives the player control of expression like no other instrument ever made. This is a synthesizer to be played; the performance controls put the experience of creating music literally in the hands of the artist.  

This is an 8 voice analog polyphonic synth with both Low Pass and High Pass resonant filters and dual ADSR envelope generators.  

It features a Sawtooth, Square, Sine and Noise waveforms.  The Square wave has a dedicated LFO for Pulse Width Modulation which goes into audio rate. There is also a global LFO which also goes into audio rate as well as a Ring Modulator which goes into audio rate.  Using these three features together allows the player make sounds that no other instrument can make, especially when adjusting the speeds in realtime.  

There is a Ribbon controller that works in a very unique way and it can drop the pitch so low that it will stop the oscillator.  

This keyboard has aftertouch which is assignable to the the Filter, the Pitch, and the Amplifier.  All three may be used at the same time with separate level controls.  
There are several factory presets available as well as one User Definable preset which is accessed in a compartment on the front panel.  It has an entire set of mini sliders that you can match to your panel settings for instant recall.