Eurorack Atari Punk Console (APC)


The Atari Punk Console is one of the most famous and recognizable Lo-Fi synth circuits ever. Using a single 556 dual timer IC with minimal part count, the Atari Punk Console circuit is a solid, time-tested noise generator capable of outrageous square wave madness! Its now available at ROBOTSPEAk in Eurorack Modular format.
- Control Voltage (CV) input allows step sequencers and waveform generators to expand the sonic capabilities of the Atari Punk Console from drone to arpeggio-like dynamism. Use any variable voltage source from 0-Supply Voltage for some glitchy goodness! The APC modular version has two CV inputs that modulate the two square wave internal oscillators.
- Powered by Doepfer style 16-pin header connection +12V
- 2 potentiometer controls – Pulse Width and Frequency contour the tone.
- 4 HP
- 1.304" deep
- Comes with power cable and 2.5mm screws