EuroCrack Bento Box 6U


Call (415-554-1977) or email for availability.

An even better way (then the 3U version) to make you feel like your Tip Top Audio happy Ending kits are secure, enclosed and ready for you to transport your Modular setup to the next jam session. Why is it better? Because it holds 2 HEKz! This means more modules--offering the possibility of even more sonic glory then the 3U!

This expansion possibility will lead to the eventual realization of the true meaning of your existence--owning your own frankensteined Modular setup.

- 6U unpowered roadcase designed for use with TipTop Audio "Happy Ending Kit" (or any 84hp/rackears combination) - Features recessed latches, spring-loaded handle, and enough room to leaves standard cables patched in when the lid is attached for transport - 3U and 9U versions also available-modules are NOT included tough guy!


Happy Ending Kits