EuroCrack Bento Box 9U


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Add up to 3 happy ending kits in this solid 9U Eurorack case.  The more modules the better is what they say...they being ROBOTSPEAk. A great way to start your modular setup with efficient expansion possibilities so you won't sell yourself short because lets face it, you will want more modules. Start with this case at $199 and a single 3 U tiptop audio happy ending kit ($159) and you will be on your way. The 9U EuroCrack Bento box offers the space to expand-start with one HEK and this so you can expand gradually as it calls to you.

At $199 + the cost of 1 HEK $159 this is the most inexpensive way to set yourself up for an expandable Modular setup you will eventually figure out.  

- 9U unpowered roadcase designed for use with TipTop Audio "Happy Ending Kit" (or any 84hp/rackears combination) - Features recessed latches, spring-loaded handle, and enough room to leaves standard cables patched in when the lid is attached for transport - 3U and 6U versions also available *HEK and modules not included tough guy".


Happy Ending Kits


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