Hydrasynth Keyboard 5th Anniversary Silver Edition

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ASM celebrates milestone 5th Anniversary with limited Silver Edition Hydrasynth Keys

Silver Edition are each limited to 200-unit runs that are sure to be highly-sought- after collector’s items, prized by serious synthesizer aficionados. Appropriately, each limited-edition model boasts a sparkling silver finish with a custom 5TH ANNIVERSARY SILVER EDITION print on the top panel, distinguishing them from the ‘standard’ Hydrasynth Keyboard — launched in 2019 to widespread critical acclaim as a digital wave morphing synthesizer featuring an ASM Polytouch® 49-note polyphonic aftertouch keybed and a user-assignable ribbon controller — and Hydrasynth Deluxe — itself offering a dual sound engine setup and the largest (73-note) ASM Polytouch® polyphonic aftertouch keybed to date upon its introduction in 2021 — models that are still going strong today thanks to regular firmware updates; by that same token, Hydrasynth Keyboard 5th Anniversary Silver Edition and Hydrasynth Deluxe 5th Anniversary Silver Edition’s custom-made side panels prominently feature the HYDRASYNTH logo, while both synths ship with a Certificate of Authenticity showing the unit number — not forgetting, of course, the silver sticker that is included in both packages.

Hydrasynth Keyboard 5th Anniversary Silver Edition shares the same specifications as the ‘standard’ Hydrasynth Keyboard here:

Hydrasynth Keys specs