Jupiter Storm


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The Hexinverter.net Jupiter Storm is a cosmic noise oscillator.

When people ask what it sounds like, the answer seems hard to articulate in a way that does it justice. If you want a pretty, mellow, 'happy' oscillator this IS NOT it. With that said there are some beautiful sonic textures-noise-rhythms that it generates with minimal effort.

While helping a customer one day I turned away from the Jupiter Storm and left the sound up. As I was talking, I started hearing the COSMIC NOISE GENERATOR generating these amazing noisy rhythms that moved from triplets to 4/4 to polyrhythms and other musically noisey breakdowns. I felt like telling the customer to hurry up and buy something so I could get back to the Jupiter Storm and lay down the drum tracks I was hearing in my head before those particular polyrhythm's morphed into a new but most likely, equally interesting noise groove.

The Jupiter Storm differs entirely from other pure noise generators (such as vcNOIZ) which is in the algorithm used to produce the sound. Jupiter Storm has a tonal character very much of its own.

Jupiter Storm does not create pure white noise like the vcNOIZ noise oscillator module from hexinverter.net. Rather, it derives what is similar to noise (but not quite) from three square wave oscillators in a unique algorithm. Some of the sounds possible are reminiscent of the sound of a broken radio being blasted with noise from the cosmos, hence, the name "cosmic noise oscillator". This creates noise with significant harmonic content and other such interesting timbres you will not hear anywhere else!

Engage the Noise Core Disruptor to create horrific sounds. In this mode, part of the noise core is creatively abused in order to generate insane sonic textures.

Voltage control inputs for all three square wave VCOs in the noise core are available as well as a control voltage input that addresses all three oscillators at once. In this way, very dynamic sounds can be achieved with complex modulation routing. For example, you can apply a taste of LFO modulation to all three oscillators, while modulating a select oscillator simultaneously on its own with something more drastic.

This module is based entirely around analogue opamps and discrete logic gates. No microcontrollers are used in the design of this module.

Not exactly for the weak the Jupiter Storm does an excellent job of putting you on a new creative tangent and it's a great addition to your modular rig and/or as a centerpiece for experimental/noise enthusiasts and Windham Hill artists.

 Ok not Windham Hill artists...


  • 14HP
  • Requires +/-12V
  • Current consumption and module depth TBD
  • Unique square wave noise core creates everything from pitched square wave ringmod-esque textures to hissing and screeching noise tones
  • Noise core square wave VCOs (not v/oct, but close) each have an output so drones can be created simultaneously alongside noise
  • Noise Core Disruptor mode creatively abuses the noise algorithm into creating very interesting noise timbres
  • Four noise outputs, each with their own unique sound in Noise Core Disruption mode
  • Control voltage input for each oscillator as well as ALL oscillators at once. This allows the creation of complex modulation easily
  • Planned expansion module adds percussion-specific features that turn Jupiter Storm into a very capable percussion/sound FX synthesis machine