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There are three versions of the Synthesizer Expander Modules:
1) SEM-PRO. SEM with MIDI to CV Converter and integrated Patchpanel. This version combines the features of the MIDI to CV version (see below) with a 21-jack patchpanel and is personally autographed by me.
Select MIDI channel, controller number and bend range
Select note assignment modes: latest, high note and low note priorities
Select note re-trigger, filter track, LFO reset
A second independent control bus allows velocity, controller data, or channel pressure to modulate either or both VCOs, the filter and the VCA
Transpose function allows different keyboard controllers to utilize the complete MIDI note range
Analog portamento
Input preamp gain control - allows an external audio input to be processed thru the SEM
High precision A-440 Hz tune signal
Control voltages and gate are bought out to rear panel connectors so MIDI to CV function can be used with other CV/Gate gear.
The U.S. price is $1199.
 2) SEM with Patchpanel. All internal SEM connections are brought out to 3.5mm minijacks - all 33 of them. The basic connections are a one-volt-per-octave VCO control voltage and a standard 0 to +5 volt gate signal. On this version of the SEM, there is no MIDI input.
The U.S. price is $899.
 3) SEM with MIDI to CV Converter. This version includes a high precision MIDI to CV Converter that has been specifically designed to allow MIDI to control the SEM, and has additional features that make use of the SEM's external inputs.