Minibrute 2S


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In $200 Price Drop Arturia MiniBrute 2S Semi-Modular Analog Sequencing Synth Module


The Arturia MiniBrute 2S Semi-Modular Analog Sequencing Synth Module is a standalone, hybrid analog sequencer/synth that combines massive synth power with a versatile, triple-layered step-sequencer. The MiniBrute 2S features an intuitive step-sequencer, providing pressure and velocity sensitive pads with real-time recording, ideal for live performances. It offers 2 mixable, multi-waveform oscillators that provide the core for sound shaping. Featuring a beefy, acidic multimode filter, ADSR envelope generator, and Brute Factor control, the Arturia MiniBrute 2S allows for flexible and versatile sound and rhythm creation. The intuitive step-sequencer and arpeggiator makes rhythmic and pattern creation a breeze, whilst the new modulation matrix unlocks a new world of performance possibilities. Give your music the punch and power it needs with the Arturia MiniBrute 2S.

Sound Shaping Features

The Arturia MiniBrute 2S comes jam packed with powerful sound shaping features that enable you to create everything from brutal, deep basses to light, lead lines. It offers two mixable, multi-waveform oscillators with sound shapers for mixing in the sawtooth, square, pulse, triangle, and sine waveforms. VCO1 also features metalizer, pulse width, and FM knobs for tweaking and thickening up sounds. The white noise generator allows you to add high frequency content to your sounds. The MiniBrute 2S features a Steiner-Parker multimode filter that offers a beefy, acidic tone with high-pass, low-pass, band, and notch filters for dynamically shaping and moulding your sound. Next, we have the ADSR and AD envelopes that allow you to create both snappy, punchy sounds and smooth, lead lines. The MiniBrute 2S also features two LFOs with multiple waveforms. The MiniBrute 2S lets your imagination run wild, allowing you to tweak multiple parameters and create the sounds stuck inside your head.

Brute Factor

This feature makes the MiniBrute 2S one of the most aggressive-sounding analog synths around. The Brute Factor control is capable of adding subtle drive, or causing complete chaos. At low levels, this control can give your low end sounds some saturation and enhancement, whilst at high levels it can completely disintegrate a sound.

Modular Love

The MiniBrute 2S lets you discover the modular world. It provides a 48-point modulation matrix that allows you to unlock a new world of possibilities. The comprehensive CV Gate modulation matrix provides you with a whole range of sources and destinations for experimenting with the internal parameters, wiring in your modular setup, or syncing your external equipment with the internal sequencer. This is definitely one for the modular eurorack users and experimentalists.

Hands-On Synth Joy

The MiniBrute 2S provides you with endless hours of enjoyment and experimentation. With instant hands-on control for every parameter, the MiniBrute 2S will have you amazed at its sound creation possibilities and intuitive functions. It is easy to use, and will have you creating powerful sounds in an instant. Quickly whack up a sequence, and then mix your oscillators, ride your filters, tweak your LFOs, and switch up your envelopes all at once whilst playing. The MiniBrute 2S offers a unique, affordable analog synth experience.


  • Powerful, triple-layered step sequencer
  • Mixable, multi-waveform VCO1 and VCO2 with sound shapers: Sawtooth, Ultrasaw, Square, Pulse, Triangle, Metalizer, and Sine waves, with fine and coarse tuning modes, noise generator, and external input
  • Beefy, acidic Steiner-Parker multimode filter
  • Filter with low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, notch, and bypass
  • ADSR envelope generator, and extra multi-mode, CV-controllable AD filter
  • Brute Factor™ adds subtle drive effects to full blown havoc
  • Comprehensive CV Gate modulation matrix with 48 patch points lets you control many elements of the synthesizer and sequencer
  • 2 LFOs with multiple waveforms, can run in sync with the sequence
  • Sequencer and Arpeggiator, syncable with MIDI and USB


  • Connections: Line out, headphone out, MIDI I/O, USB connectivity