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Magic happens where digital and analog meet.

MiniFreak embraces the crisp, glassy, sometimes aggressive sound of digital oscillators. But this machine isn’t taking sides; enjoy the best of both worlds with the warm, responsive, authentic sound of polyphonic analog filters. Tame harshness, create movement, and make subtractive synthesis work for you.

Hear the 3 main filter types, sweeping over a classic trance synth line.


Every note you play will be shaped and colored individually thanks to analog filters for every voice, ensuring that each melody, chord, or percussive hit is as warm and vivid as the last.

3 modes

Balance MiniFreak’s sound to sit perfectly in your mix, or target specific frequency ranges to unlock unique harmonics with low-pass, band-pass, and high-pass states.


Sweep a filter yourself, crush or widen its envelope - but MiniFreak has other ideas. Send your analog filters into an modulation frenzy or keep it moving in-line with your sequencer for filtering that goes further.

Two engines, many voices

A dynamic selection of sounds that contrast, collide, and conspire to create.

Classic sinewave to fearsome supersaw bass, pizzicato-plucked strings to dense stacked chords. MiniFreak’s engines pack a punch - or 22, to be precise. From our own algorithms to unique modes designed by modular synth wizards, here’s what you’ve got to play with:


Morph between particle noise, white noise, and a metallic noise that’s reminiscent of a synth cymbal. Great for gritty industrial-sounding percussion.


Saw, square, sine, or triangle waves, detuned with precision, oozing with fatness and texture that’s perfect for trance leads and dreamy pads.


Control the levels of 32 sinewaves for additive synthesis made easy, creating harmonically rich timbres that can be quickly shaped.

Karplus Str.

A mode using physical modeling to recreate the vibrations and resonance of a string, from soft plucks to steel-string buzz.


A mode emulating two basic waveforms: square, containing only odd harmonics, and sawtooth, containing both odd and even. Two distinct, essential timbres.

Audio In

Inject any audio signal into MiniFreak to process with Engine 2, the analog filters, and the FX engines.

Multi Filter

No less than 14 modeled filters packed into an easy-to-use Engine mode, from a 36dB LP filter to 3 notch filter modes.

Surgeon Filter

Slice and scoop out entire frequencies with decisive precision, with LP, BP, HP, and notch modes and a flexible Spread control.

Comb Filter

Mimic real acoustic behavior using tuned feedback delay for quirky, metallic, sci-fi-esque resonance. Great for creating SFX or unique almost-acoustic sounds.

Phaser Filter

From 2 to 12 poles, dial in static phase effects on certain frequencies for creating great formant textures and unexpected harmonics.


Fold, decimate, and crush the bit content of your sound. From razor-sharp to pixelated, static fuzz to plucky video game chirp, choose your degree of destruction.


Combining frequency and ring modulation, create unique sonic interplay between both engines, altering waveforms, phase, and a blend of dry and ring-modulated signal.

Mutable Instruments

Like its smaller sibling, MiniFreak contains a number of open-source oscillator modes from Eurorack legends Mutable Instruments, enhanced with polyphony and ’Freak flexibility.


Two detuned virtual analog oscillators with continuously variable waveforms.


A triangular wave, processed by waveshaping and wavefolding creating squelchy, aggressive, and often metallic tones.

Two Op. FM

A simple but powerful twin-operator FM oscillator, with two sine waves modulated each other’s phase to create sharp, acidic tones.


Shape your sound into vowel-like movements and plastic-tube resonance with 3 simple controls.


A paraphonic synth engine that triggers duplicates at set intervals, creating defined, static chords with one key that can evolve over time.


An engine that creates vowel, formant, and simple word sounds that are a little too close to human.


Recreate the inharmonic vibrations and resonance of a hollow structure, great for adding texture, overtones, or acoustic-esque timbres to your mix.


Noise Engineering

For the braver, bolder sound explorer, MiniFreak contains 3 algorithms designed by LA modular titans Noise Engineering, combining wavefolding, phase modulation, and harmonic manipulation.


A simple sawtooth becomes lethal sonic sharpness. SawX sprinkles chorus and phase modulation into the mix for supersaw mayhem aplenty.


Additive synthesis meets wavefolding with spectacular hard sync results. Choose dense octave overtones or blow the harmonic series wide open.


A non-linear waveshaping algorithm that deals in lows: expect heavy digital density and molten metal momentum with this bass.