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Due to extreme parts shortages and an overwhelming interest in this product, we don't expect it till 4th Quarter 2021 possibly Earlier...or...later ---We know--We Know!

Email and when we hear back,we will give those on the list  priority.


Finally - the controls you need when you need them. The incredibly portable Morph makes no compromises. Next-generation velocity sensitivity, and swappable hardware interfaces gives you tactile response that feels great. Use it as a MIDI controller in any software, or go deeper with integrated scripts for Bitwig Studio and Ableton Live. Polyphonic Expression (MPE) isn't limited to a piano - use it with any shape and any control.


  • Unmatched pressure sensitivity
  • Per-note pressure, pitch bend, and timbre (MPE)
  • Bluetooth or USB connection
  • Make beats, melodies, and mixes
  • Control your DAW
  • A truly portable design
  • More than music - video, illustration, typing, and inventing


The Morph can do it all. The velocity-sensitive keyboard and drumpads give you what you’d expect. The overlays give you what you need.

Use the SenselApp to put it in MPE mode, and now you can explore what electronic music has been missing: a real connection to you.

MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) gives each finger control over pitch, timbre, volume, and more. With software such as Bitwig Studio, Audio Damage Quanta, ROLI Equator, Apple’s Logic Pro X and GarageBand, MPE lets you discover playable sound design.



One gadget gives you a universe of control.

Free licenses for the incredible Arturia Analog Lab Lite and innovative Bitwig Studio 8-Track mean you can start playing right away.

Tight integration with Ableton Live and Bitwig Studio means you can focus on the music, not the map.

Make it your own with the SenselApp. Reprogram it to your own workflow, mixing MIDI, keystrokes, mouse, and more. All in one surface.