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Key Oberkorn Features

    • 3 x CV channels, 2 x Gate channels, 5 x MIDI-Trigger
    • full 16 step CV channels
    • 48 CV knobs, 16 Gate switches, 17 LEDs
    • CV control of Speed / Tempo.
    • Plenty of control sockets.
    • Simple MIDI sync
    • Steel & Aluminium construction.
    • Hand built in Great Britain.
  • Specification

    CV3 CV channels, 16 stepEach CV channel has a range control and transpose CV input

    Gate 2 Gate channels, 16
    stepapprox 10v gate output. Includes ‘Legato’ switch to chain consecutive ons.

    Clock LFO clock (Internal clock speed is about <1Hz to 30Hz), CV control of tempoclock output, external clock in

    MIDI Trigger 2 MIDI to triggers, 1 clock out, and ‘binary’ output

    Control input 4 bit binary input to control step numberUsing the MIDI binary, any step can be selected from MIDI

    Buttons Reset to 1, Reset to 16, and single step advance

    Reset Reset input. +5v resets the sequencer to step 1.Change sequence length to other than 16.

    MIDI In and ThruChannels 1-16.

    Size / Mass 3U standard rack size.
    485mm (W) including rack ears x 145 mm  (D) x 134mm (H) [approx]. xgrams