REON Drift Box


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REON Drift Box R is a unique analog semi-modular synthesizer that packs tons of function into a small box.

Use it alone and explore the sonic possibilities, triggering its envelope via the onboard momentary button -or- pair it with all sorts of other hardware and the possible functions become seemingly endless. An abundance of cross modulation plus an envelope generator make for a diverse array of sound types: from textures to sweeps to rhythmic bleeps and bloops. Use it with a CV capable keyboard or sequencer and easily attain huge mono basslines and leads. The two VCOs can run at audio rate or low frequencies, which paired with all the cross modulation makes for some interesting combinations.

                                                   The Drift Box R plays well with friends! Its small format, 4 CV inputs, and CV out make it easy and awesome for pairing with other hardware, including the rest of the Drift Box series. CV gate, VCF cutoff frequency, VCO1 frequency, and VCO2 frequency inputs make it easy and fun to use with modular synthesizers and allow for mono leads and basslines when driven by a keyboard or sequencer. VCO2 has a CV out, so it may be used as a cool voltage controlled LFO or audio rate modulation source. The small durable metal chassis it resides in means it can easily fit on your desktop next to your modular system or hardware without eating up much space.




L/H: Select low or high frequency
Wave: Select between several different waveforms (Square, 75% Pulse, Noise, Saw). Each time the switch is flipped the next waveform is chosen.
EG/VCO2: Select between the envelope or VCO2 for a modulation source

L/H: Select low or high frequency
Wave: Switch between two waveforms
Sync/VCO1: select sync with VCO1 or use VCO1 as modulation

VCO1: Engage VCO1 frequency modulation
VCO2: Engage VCO2 frequency modulation
EG/Ext: Select envelope or external CV input modulation

D/S: Select between decay or sustain modes
EG: Select between normal or reverse envelope direction

Noise: Select noise type for use with VCO1 switched to noise
Out: Output on/off
Knob Controls

                                                    VCO 1 & 2

Mod: Frequency modulation level. All sources are mixed and this is the overall level.
Vol: Volume level
Q: Frequency (0.5Hz ~ 10kHz)

Mod: Cutoff frequency modulation level. All sources are mixed and this is the overall level.
Reso: Resonance level. Cranking the resonance causes self-oscillation.
FRQ: Cutoff frequency
Envelope Generator

A: Attack time
D/S: Decay time or sustain level (select via switch)
R: Release time
EG Depth: Depth of envelope's VCF modulation
Vol: Master output volume
White button: Momentary gate button for triggering the envelope

2 VCOs with selectable waveforms and cross-modulation
Noise generator with white and pink noise
VC Lowpass Filter: 24dB. Resonance self oscillates when cranked
ADR/ASR Envelope Generator: Select sustain or decay for second stage
Gate input
Gate momentary button
VCO CV pitch input per VCO
VCF CV cutoff frequency input
VCO2 CV output
Audio output"