Ableton 101

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Nate Blaz $275
  • Tuesday 9/03/2019
    Thursday 9/05/2019
    Tuesday 9/10/2019
    Thursday 9/12/2010

Space is extremely limited!

This 8 hour class spread over 4 nights covers the basics and beyond of Ableton Live. The Class will also include V10's feature set (this page will be updated to include these additions shortly).

This popular live class offers an all encompassing collection of info that will get you closer to the slammin' Live set you've been struggling to be inspired to do in no time. If you want to get up to speed on Ableton quickly take this class!


Session 1: Fundamentals of Live

  • User interface elements explained, including Live two-pane Browser, Control Bar, the Mixer, Transport, Return Tracks, etc.
  • All about clips, the building blocks of Live.
  • Tracks and Scenes
  • Arrangement vs Session View. What the two sides of Ableton Live are, and how they work together. 
  • Warping 101
  • Monitor modes
  • Recording Audio
  • Audio Effects

Session 2: MIDI, controllers, automation

  • Difference between MIDI and audio tracks
  • MIDI Clip Editing, including Live 9's new MIDI clip controls
  • Quantizing
  • MIDI Clip overdub mode 
  • Editing in Arranging View
  • MIDI mapping Ableton parameters to physical controllers
  • Mapping third party plugins to controllers
  • Crossfader and Cue Monitor features for DJs
  • Track Automation
  • Clip Envelopes

Session 3: All about Racks, Audio to MIDI

  • Slice audio to Drum Rack
  • Rack elements explained, including Macro controls, Chain List, Chain Select Editor, Devices
  • Designing new effects comprising of simpler device components
  • Features specific to MIDI Effects Racks, Instrument Racks, and Drum Racks
  • Creating multisample instruments
  • Grooves
  • Live 9's new Audio to MIDI feature

Session 4: Tips and tricks, resource management, performance strategies

This class will focus primarily on following up on any questions brought up in the other classe, and sharing less-known Ableton tricks such as:

  • Follow Actions
  • Dummy clips
  • Sidechaining
  • BPMs and Time signatures in Scenes
  • Freeze
  • File Management
  • Routing I/O
  • Sync / playing with other people

To Enroll

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