Modular Analog Synthesis

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LX Rudis -
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Explore the inner reaches and outer limits of modular analog synthesis with Robotspeak's own Lx Rudis.

This class will occur over the course of three Saturday afternoons. The first day will cover the basics of analogue audio synthesis. the second day is devoted to more complex uses of analog modular synthesizers. The third day will be devoted to hands-on workshops.

The class will use a combination of vintage analog modulars and contemporary Moog equipment to demonstrate analog synthesis techniques.

Session 1: Basics of Analog Synthesis

1. A brief history of modular analogue synthesis
2. Subtractive analogue synthesis
  • a. typical modules [in a monophonic synth]
  • b. audio signal flow
3. Basics of Voltage Control
4. Realtime expression and control
5. Typical voice applications
  • a. imitative synthesis
  • b. abstract synthesis
  • c. additional uses

Session 2: Additional Concepts, Modular Synthesis

1. Review of SESSION 1
2. Review of imitative and abstract synthesis, voicing demonstrations
3. Complex modules found in modular systems
4. Digital/analog hybrids
5. Control voltages in composition and improvisation
6. Brief hands-on workshop

Session 3: Hands on Workshop

Session 3 will be comprised of hands-on workshops using techniques learned in the clinic.

1. Review of SESSION 1 and 2
  • a. 30 minute workshop
  • b. 15 minute discussion
2. LFO and ENV modulation
  • a. 30 minute workshop 
  • b. 15 minute discussion
3. Sequenced and patterned modulation
4. Complex tambours, FM and AM, timbral modulation
  • a. 30 minute workshop 
  • b. 15 minute discussion
5. Free Form workshop/improvisation

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