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12 Step

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12 Step is a chromatic foot controller pedal with a full octave of smart sensor keys that detect Velocity, Pressure and Tilt giving unprecedented levels of control at your feet.

12 Step can be programmed with up to 5 voices of Polyphony- per key- for playing intervals, chords or fat pads. Each of the 12 Step's velocity sensitive pedal keys can play notes or chords, trigger samples, and control of up to two parameters (such as volume, modulation, and pitch bend) at once.

Expressive Controls Get Your Toes Tapping
12 Step's keys are not only velocity sensitive, but also respond to the pressure and tilt of your foot--perfect for controlling volume swells, rotary effect speeds, and filter cutoffs! Once you unleash your imagination with a 12 Step, you'll never perform the same way again!

5-note Polyphony Lets You Play Chords with One Foot
Each of the 12 Step's keys can fire off up to five MIDI notes at once. That's perfect for triggering lush pads, organ stabs, or any other musical accents that fit your style. What's more, the 12 Step comes loaded with tons of great polyphonic presets you can easily access on the fly.

Nearly Indestructible Construction Can Take Serious Abuse
12 Step's carbon fiber construction is durable and even spill proof. One tough piece of kit!