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2OPFM is a digital 2-operator FM voice in 6HP. It features 2 sine wave oscillators and a decay envelope to control their amplitudes. Perfect for growling percussion and plucky melodies.

 : The length of the internal decay envelope. The associated jack is an offset to the slider. 

FM: The amount of FM modulation of the carrier. The associated CV input is an offset to the slider. 

KHz: The base frequency of the carrier oscillator. The associated CV input is an offset to the pot.

RATIO: The ratio of modulator frequency to carrier frequency.

OP1: The main output.  

TRIG: A rising edge triggers the built in decay envelope. This envelope modulates the amplitude of the carrier, as well as the modulator (at a slightly faster rate) Incoming triggers are ignored when the envelope is active, thus allowing for frequency division based on the decay slider. 


Power Requirements:

+12V: 45mA

-12V: -5mA