Make Noise


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Pitch shifting echo with smooth time modulation, tempo sync, saturating feedback. Plus, a unique pitch shifting algorithm inspired by the Springer Tempophon and engineered by DSP Guru Tom Erbe of Soundhack.


"...the most inspiring module of the year." -Electronic Musician.

  • Shift Pitch of signal +/- 2 Octaves
  • Exponential control of delay time -Maximum Time 1.7 Seconds, Minimum Time 7 ms
  • Tempo input allows synchronization of Echoes to multiple or division of an external Clock
  • Two independent internal digital Feedback paths (Loop 1 and Loop 2)
  • External Analog Feedback Path for filtered or processed echoes
  • FREEZE button/ gate input allows for hold, stutter and sampling techniques
  • 24 bit ADC/DAC, 32bit processing, 16bit delay storage operating at 40khz
  • Vactrol based Mix circuit for smooth blending of dry and wet signals
  • All Analog Dry Signal Path
  • Voltage Control over ALL parameters
  • Pairs well with the Phonogene
  • 20hp
Max Depth:
  • 30mm
  • 70mA@ +12V
  • 40mA @ -12V

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