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Quad Chiptune Audio Generator

Edges is a module strictly focused on the straight lines, sharp edges, and clinical harsh modulations of digital logic. Its architecture is loosely based on classic 8-bit console soundchips, providing 4 simple voltage-controlled voices. Each voice consists of a digital oscillator with two pitch CV inputs and a coarse pitch knob, with a gate input allowing the voice to be turned on/off without the need for an external VCA. The 4 channels are sent to an onboard mixer – making Edges easy to use for chord generation or heavy drone synthesis applications.


The first 3 channels are square/pulse digital oscillators, generated by subdivisions of a 4 MHz clock. 5 preset duty cycles settings are available from 50% to 95%. In addition, channel 4′s CV input can be used as a PWM CV for channels 1 to 3, with a 120° dephasing between each channel.


Channel 2 can be hardsynced to channel 1. Channel 2 and 3 are also equipped with a XOR ring-modulator, blending their harmonics with those of Channel 1.


The fourth channel uses a 12-bit DAC without oversampling/reconstruction filter to generate low-fi waveforms at a 48kHz sample rate. The available waveforms are sine, triangle, NES triangle, and various flavors of pitched LSFR noise.


• Gate (x4)
• Volt per Octave (x4)
• Mod (x4)

• Out (1-4)
• Mix

• Frequency (Knob) (1-4)
• Xmod (1-4)
• Level (1-4)
• Waveform Select

Physical Specifications 
• Format: Eurorack
• Width: 20HP
• Depth: 1"

Electrical Specifications 
• Power: +12V @ 25mA, -12V @ 25mA, +5V @ 45mA