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Impulse Command

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We love this synth! Nothing else like it out there.

What is it?

True stereo analogue synth / sonic realiser. Perfect for melodic and percussion loops. Very easy (and fun!) to create modular style analogue loops. It’s a complete sound track all by itself!

It’s wrong to call it a synthesizer (in fact a new word needs to be invented) because then you get preconceived ideas about what it does. It’s a whole lot more than a synth. It’s also part drum synth, part pattern generator, part modular loop producer.

All its unique features plus the 2 independent LPFs give this machine the ability produce stereo loops that sound like multiple synths playing at once.

Special features:

  • Analogue synth: analogue audio and modulation circuits

  • Stereo / dual filters

  • This synth can sound like multiple synths all at once

  • Stereo digital effects (reverb and delay)

  • 16 step analogue sequencer

  • 16 step MIDI Note sequencer

  • Dynamic internal patch system

  • ReOrder! feature to create new melodies from the sequencer

  • Dynamic VCO mix levels

  • Semi-modular 

  • High quality build 

Impulse Command is a compact true analogue synth in a neat, smart, package. When we say ‘real analogue’ we mean that the entire audio path (aside from the post effects of course!) and all modulation are entirely analogue, using circuits based on awesome sounding vintage 1970s designs. Their circuits are not locked down by CPUs. Controls are not quantised and read by CPUs. With the exception of the essential digital elements (that is MIDI conversion, sequencer control and digital delay/reverb), Impulse Command really is analogue and the sound benefit is immediately apparent!

We get many good comments about how good Analogue Solutions products sound. How wonderful, warm and full of character they are.

The synth has been designed by Tom Carpenter, a musician and a big fan of electronic music. He knows how to program a synth and what should be expected. It was not designed by an engineer or steered by committee or men in suits. Design wasn’t constrained in order to bring maximum profit to share holders! So, the modulation choices and range of sounds they produced have all been carefully thought out and quickly give you those sounds you want: huge bass, synth leads, percussion, effects, modular style sounds.


2 Analogue VCOs

2 24db analogue LPFs

2 Analogue LFOs

2 Analogue ADSR envelopes

16 Step analogue CV sequencer

16 Step MIDI note sequencer

Stereo output / dual filter+VCA

Sequencer ReOrder feature

Dynamic VCO levels

Special internal dynamic patch system

Analogue noise

Sub Osc

Stereo effects

4 VCAs

Modular jack sockets