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An Endless Journey of Sonic Rabbit Holes

Departing from traditional Moog instruments, Labyrinth introduces a new voice architecture with unique oscillators, a different filter topology, wavefolding, and parallel processing. This innovative design also features unique dual intertwining generative sequencers to help inspire new compositional ideas.

As part of Moog’s semi-modular family, Labyrinth stands out as a unique tool for auditory exploration. Its dual generative sequencers and parallel voice architecture enable the creation of evolving soundscapes and intricate polymetric melodies. More than just an instrument, Labyrinth is an idea machine, offering limitless sonic potential that adapts to both live performances and studio sessions.

In a compact 60HP format, Labyrinth excels both as a standalone synthesizer and an integral part of larger Eurorack setups. Its flexible architecture allows musicians to add color and depth to any musical arrangement, from ambient soundscapes to dynamic rhythmic patterns. The instrument's patch bay facilitates extensive modulation and connectivity with other modular gear, making it a versatile addition to any setup.

From Percussive Inspiration to Generative Innovation

Inspired by classic percussion synthesizers and modern generative techniques, Labyrinth combines a newly designed voltage-controlled wavefolder with a state-variable filter, allowing for both additive and subtractive synthesis. This approach enables users to create rich, evolving textures and dynamic sequences. The dual sequencers, inspired by shift register sequences commonly found in Eurorack systems, offer intuitive and flexible control over melodic and rhythmic patterns.

“Labyrinth is designed to be an engine of sonic exploration. It allows users to create evolving sequences and rich timbres. It’s like having a compositional companion that navigates through a labyrinth of sound, constantly reconfiguring and surprising you with new sonic landscapes,” says Moog’s Rick Carl, System Architect and Lead Hardware Engineer on Labyrinth.


Different than their other 

Semi Modular Synthesizers?

Dual generative sequencers create intertwining melodies that mutate over time. It’s a fountain of inspiration that uncovers patterns you can capture, return to, and evolve.

A fresh approach to the signature sound of classic Moog synthesizers with a smooth West Coast-style voltage-controlled wavefolder. Two oscillators drive duophonic melodic counterpoints, metallic FM tones, and analog synthetic drums.

State variable resonant voltage-controlled filters that morph between lowpass and bandpass responses let you experiment with smooth command over complex tonal shapes.

A parallel voice processing path with a voltage-controlled blending allows you to morph sounds over time.

A comprehensive patch bay for integration with a wide variety of other modules in your rack and studio.

Who will want the LABYRINTH?:

Composers, Producers, Synth enthusiasts and Eurorack builders, Sound designers -All or previous Moog Semi Modular owners!

•    Labyrinth Semi-Modular Parallel Generative Analog Synthesizer

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•    Patch Sheet Overlays

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•    Cheat Codes

•    Safety & Warranty Manual