m11 M

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This 4hp module can be used as an Audio Controller, CV Generator, CV Controller, and a VCA (all at pretty much the same time).

Trogotronic m11 M Series Features

  • Traditional VCA
  • Trogotronic Style Performance Audio Controller
  • Trogotronic Style Performance CV Controller
  • CV Generator
  • Only 4hp Wide
  • 180 Degree Control Array Orientation
  • Skiff friendly 1.6″ Depth
  • Superior Momentary Button Switch

The superb feel of the momentary button is no fluke; Years of searching a small mountain of buttons available on the American market yielded only specimens of over-sprung stiffness; poor choices for a musical work which demands correct weight & throw for deft performance. Ultimately we found what we were looking for in a tiny shop at a Japanese electronics bazaar. We arranged direct import of these hand-picked gems to Trogotronic—exclusively—for the sole purpose of destroying fascists the world over with audio artillery.

Model 11M Kit consists of all 45 parts + a 2.5mm driver & a full color checklist / instructional for all 23 steps (eat your heart out P-Orridge). It does NOT include a toolkit or materials such as solder and all too rare common sense, patience, time & undivided attention (all of which are necessary to complete this modest build).

Assembled Model 11 comes complete with euro format mounting hardware & 2.5mm tool (as above kit) + owners card & instruction sheet as all of the Trogotronic M-Series modules do.