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If signal fidelity and in-tune oscillators are a priority, then you may need a buffered mult. With 18 individually buffered outputs, precision components, and three LED indicators, you will be hard-pressed to find a more accurate and robust mult. Whereas a passive mult causes signal loss for each additional connected device, a buffered multiplier ensures each output receives the same signal down to the microvolt. This is imperative for syncing CV to multiple oscillators that must be kept in tune across a broad range.


Unmatched Flexibility: Choose from three distinct multiplication modes:

  • -  1x18: Distribute a single signal to an astounding 18 individual outputs.

  • -  3x6: Drive three separate signals to dedicated sets of 6 outputs each.

  • -  1x12 + 1x6: Simultaneously route single signals to 6 and 12 outputs, maximizing patching possibilities.

  • Precision Engineered: Built around the renowned RS8654 High-Precision, Zero-Drift Operational Amplifier, the module guarantees pristine signal fidelity with near-zero noise and drift.
    High Input Impedance: The ultra-high 1 MΩ input impedance minimizes loading on your signal sources, ensuring accurate representation without compromising their performance.
    Low Output Impedance: Each of the 18 outputs boasts a low 100 Ω impedance, driving even long cable runs and complex patches with unwavering clarity.
    Visual Feedback: Integrated LEDs on each input provide convenient monitoring of signal presence and polarity.
    Matched Outputs: Every output, when driving a standard 1V/O oscillator, delivers signals within an astonishing 0.1 cents of accuracy compared to any other output. This meticulous tuning guarantees perfect pitch stability and eliminates audible detuning, even in intricate polyphonic patches.

  • Beyond Passive Mults:

    While passive mults offer basic signal splitting, the Precision Buffered Multiplier elevates your patching game with these crucial advantages:

    Signal Integrity: Buffers protect your signals from degradation caused by cable capacitance and multiple inputs, ensuring pitch-perfect CVs and pristine audio fidelity

  • ● Reduced Loading: The high input impedance prevents your signal sources from being burdened by multiple outputs, preserving their original character and dynamics.

  •  Increased Fan-Out: Drive numerous destinations simultaneously without signal loss, expanding your sonic palette and modulation possibilities.

  • Unwavering Accuracy: Achieve perfect pitch stability and eliminate even the slightest detuning with the meticulously matched outputs.


SECTION II – Functionality

Unlike passive mults, buffered multipliers isolate the incoming signal, ensuring its strength and integrity remain consistent even when sent to multiple outputs. This makes them particularly useful in several scenarios:


SECTION III– Mechanical Data

Detuning with the meticulously matched outputs.

A very useful mult especially when trying to clock a large number of actions.
Possible Configurations of routing:
A in = 18 exact copies out
A+B in = 6 & 12 exact copies out
A=B=C in= 6 & 6 & 6 exact copies out