SCM Plus

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The SCM Plus is a clock multiplier with eight gate outputs and complex beat manipulation features. It combines the classic Shuffling Clock Multiplier (SCM) and SCM Breakout (SCMBO) into a single module using higher precision hardware than its predecessors. 

Create complex rhythms with Shuffle, Slip, Skip, and Rotate. Tighter timing than the original version! SCM+ ($185) is an 8 channel clock multiplier & beat manipulator, an SCM and Breakout in one.


  • Eight gate outputs, each multiplying up to x32
  • Five slipped/shuffled/skipped clock outputs and three steady clock outputs
  • Five knobs with CV jacks:
  • Rotate shifts multiply-by amount
  • Slip causes particular beats to land ahead in time
  • Shuffle selects which beats are affected by Slip
  • Skip omits certain beats in a pattern
  • Pulse Width controls width of output pulses
  • Resync trigger input resets the slip/shuffle/skip counters
  • 4x Fast button and gate jack increase multiply-by amount by a factor of four
  • Mute button and gate jack stop all outputs
  • Save Clock feature restores last saved tempo when powering up
  • Clock Bus jumper allows module to receive tempo from other modules over the power bus
  • Free Run jumper allows unit to operate without an external clock
  • LED dimmer trimpot allows for custom LED brightness
  • 12HP Eurorack module