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VCAs is four Linear Voltage Controlled Amplifiers in 12HP. Each channel consists of:

  • 20mm slider for initial gain
  • DC coupled signal input
  • latching push button to invert signal input
  • 0-5V linear control voltage input
  • bi-color LED indicating signal amplitude and polarity
  • DC coupled signal output

The input jacks can be normalled to 0V or 5V, selected by the jumper on the back of the module (5V-NRML)

The arrows on the panel between output jacks indicate VCAs' normalled mixing scheme. When a patch cable is not inserted into an output jack, that channel's output is mixed into the channel on its right. For example, when only patched out of the furthest right channel, VCAs will act as a 4 channel mixer. If patched out of the "second" and "fourth" channels, each pair (1&2, 3&4) acts as a 2 channel mixer. 

These features together allow for standard VCA duties, voltage controlled mixing, positive and negative offset, and manual DC output.