The Church of the Super Serge--an on going Free Monthly Modular Synthesizer Performance at ROBOTSPEAk

 Back in late 2012 we started the Church of the Super Serge at ROBOTSPEAk. The Church was at first a workshop in which people could attend and build their very own Serge Modulars --right in ROBOTSPEAk! Each month students could come in and complete another part of their panel. This workshop was wrangled into existence by/with Dimitri Ponce who has since gone on to build Serge Modulars for a living ( The Church was and is a homage to Serge Tcherepnin who back in the day, built his amazing Modular synthesizers about 100 feet from ROBOTSPEAk!!  Over time the Church morphed into a free monthly Modular Synthesizer performance that heavily features Serge Modulars and recently, some monstrous eurorack systems.
This is an ongoing free modular synth event that happens on every 3rd Saturday at 3PM. Check out ROBOTSPEAk on Facebook (I know) for performers and exact time. 
BYOB and free at ROBOTSPEAK in the Lower Haight San Francisco CA.
Chickenneck Place, Control Group,
3/15/2014 Church-Slope114 and Shiro Fujioka
THE MONOLITH by Dimitri More Picts