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Dual Oscillator Model 258t

Two independent voltage-controlled oscillators. Each has one processing input, a frequency modulation input and a 1V/oct input. Waveshapes, as well as frequency, can be voltage controlled. Model 258 oscillators feature low sine wave harmonic content, negligible settling error, and high short and long-term stability, even with rapidly changing ambient temperatures.

Processing input: The processing control attenuverter input permits control of pitch scaling/inversion/expansion without the need for a separate external processor.

Frequency modulation control: For adjusting vibrato depth or creating clangorous or bell-like tones, rich in non-harmonic upper partials.

Processing control: Used to set desired range of incoming control voltage for expansion, compression and inversion.

1V/Oct input: Control Voltage input for 1V/oct note tracking.

Waveshape control input: Waveshapes can be varied from sine to saw (OSC 1) and sine to square (OSC 2). Voltage control of waveshape enables powerful dynamic control of timbre.

Oscillator frequency control: Spans the audio spectrum of 5 Hz to 20 kHz with no range switching. (The original graphic 5cps to 20kc was only intended and noted to be approximate.)

TRIMMERS (3x for each oscillator on the back of the module):
    • 1V/oct is the octave tracking trimmer and is set at the factory using high precision instruments
    • SHAPE is the trimmer that set the sine wave, for the lower harmonic content of the sine wave
    • VC WAVE SHAPE sets the response of the waveshaper to the incoming control voltage. Both SHAPE and VC WAVE SHAPE trimmers are used to adjust the sine wave purity