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Envelope, LFO, noise, sample and hold, mixer, analog logic, slew, and oscillator, the Mod Tools is a diverse analog ecosystem of modulation. The functionality of the Mod Tools is split into four sections. Multi-function, analog logic, noise | sample & hold, and modulation.

The Multi-Function section is a voltage controlled slope generator. This flexible circuit can function as a voltage controlled envelope, LFO, oscillator, slew, envelope follower, and more.

The Analog Logic is a two channel mixer with a standard unity gain mix out as well as an analog ‘or’ logic output. The ‘or’ logic outputs the current highest positive only voltage from either of the inputs creating interesting modulation or wave shaping options. Patching audio signals through the ‘or’ output creates a half-rectified waveform.

The noise | sample & hold section is an all analog noise source paired with a sample and hold circuit used to create truly random stepped CV signals.

The modulation section houses a free running LFO with both square and sine wave outputs.


LFO / Envelope Switch - Switch between envelope and LFO cycling mode.

Sustain / Sustain Off Switch - Input level following sustain on or off.

Rise Control Knob - Adjusts the rise / attack time of the envelope or rising side of the LFO.

Length CV Attenuverter Knob - Rise and fall modulation level attenuverter.

Length CV Input Jack - Rise and fall modulation input jack.

Signal Indicator LED - Signal indicator LED represents the current voltage level within circuit.

Input Jack - Main signal input jack.

Output Jack - Main signal output jack.

Fall Control Knob - Adjusts the fall / decay time of the envelope or falling side of the LFO.


Input A Jack - Mixer channel A input jack normaled to the Multi-Function Output Jack.

Input B Jack - Mixer channel B input jack normaled to the Modulation Sine Output Jack.

Or Output Jack - Unity gain, positive only logical 'or' output of Input A and Input B.

Mix Output Jack - Unity gain mix output of Input A and Input B.


Noise Output Jack - Analog noise output jack.

Sample Input Jack - CV sampling input jack normaled to Noise Output Jack.

Hold Input Jack - Stepped CV output jack normaled to Modulation Square Output Jack.

Sample & Hold Output Jack - Stepped CV output jack.



Frequency Knob - Frequency control sweeps through LFO range.

Square Output Jack - Square wave output jack.

Sine Output Jack - Sine wave output jack.

Module Specifications
Panel size: 8hp
Depth: 37mm
Power Usage: +12v 53mA, -12v 46mA.  Does not require +5v. Reversed power polarity protection