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This Arturia microphone is designed especially for the Microfreak Vocoder. This attachment lets you add your vocals to MicroFreak's diverse mix of digital and analogue. Featuring a gooseneck design, this electret microphone is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. You can easily adjust the height and angle to suit your needs, and connect it straight into MicroFreak's head-phone connector. The additional socket on the microphone's base allows you to connect your headphones for instant monitoring.

The microphone is built to work perfectly with the MicroFreak Vocoder engine's 16-band frequency range, so you capture all the frequencies and nuances of the human voice. MicroFreak will detect when the mic is connected, then automatically set the gain, this can be easily adjusted in the MicroFreak’s utility menu. Expand your Vocoder’s capabilities with this intuitive and effective Vocoder microphone.