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René R2

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René R2 is the world’s only 3D Cartesian music sequencer. Traditional sequencers cycle through the same 8 or 16 steps over and over and over, but with René R2 you can create unique synth sequences using math! OK, it’s cooler than it sounds though…

Start by programming 1 to 16 step sequences on the X- and Y-axes. The X- and Y-axes can be programmed to trigger steps in traditional “forward” and “backwards” motions, or using 16 sets of pre-programmed “snake” sequences that serpentine their way through the 16 locations. The snake function is perfect for adding variety to performances by triggering the same notes in a different order. The X- and Y-axes can be triggered independently or simultaneously to create more sophisticated polyphonic patterns.

The C channel combines the X and Y inputs to generate Cartesian motion with independent control per axis, using the X-axis to progress through steps horizontally, and the Y-axis to progress through steps vertically—creating intricate, three-dimensional rhythms.

After crafting the perfect rhythm, save your new sequence directly to René R2 using the save STATE function. Store up to 64 patterns, then use the new Z-axis to modulate through them for even more variety in your sequences.


Unlike traditional sequencers, René R2 combines the programming and performance elements of synthesis. With René R2, all programming is done in real-time, making it part of the performance!

René R2 is separated into two basic components—the 16 illuminated knobs on the left half are used for tweaking performance activity, while the 16 illuminated touch buttons on the right half are used for programming. René R2 also features three CV outputs for controlling pitch or timbre and three gate outputs for controlling musical events, allowing you to create a wide range of dynamic and versatile sounds.


  • 3 CV outputs for controlling pitch or timbre
  • 3 Gate outputs for generating musical events
  • Snake and Cartesian patterns available simultaneously
  • STORE all Programming in one of 64 STATEs
  • New Z-Axis allows for modulating through any combination of 64 STOREd STATEs
  • All programming done real-time, programming of René is a key performance element
  • Visualization of pattern activity always displayed on left half with 16 illuminated Knobs
  • Visual indication of Programming always displayed on right half with 16 illuminated touch buttons
  • Communicates w/ TEMPI via Select Bus to Select, Store, Revert, Multi-Paste and MESH STATEs
  • Maximum amount of artist controlled musical variation, derived from minimum amount of analog data input
  • All new touch sensing technology tested successfully on the most commonly used euro rack power solutions