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The response to my earlier announcement of the Son of 4 Voice has been totally overwhelming and gratifying to me. Thanks to all of you who have shown an interest in the SO4V. However, it has caught me completely off guard from a production point of view, so I have decided to delay introduction of the SO4V until later this year. In addition to allowing me to get production organized, I am using the time to add a few much-requested features, such as enhancement of the Programmer section and also the inclusion of a complete set of patchpoints.

I am still 100% committed to bringing the SO4V to market, and I expect that this will happen around mid-2013.

Here are some of the features of the Son of 4 Voice:

Four classic Synthesizer Expander Module (SEM) synth modules
SEMs are 100% discrete analog - no custom chips
New state of the art Voice Control & Programmer retains all features of the original Four Voice Programmer and Keyboard control modules while adding new capabilities
SO4V may be used as a four-voice polyphonic synthesizer or as four individual synthesizers under MIDI control
Two MIDI sync capable LFOs with multiple waveshapes including sample and hold per voice
Two programmable ADSR envelope generators per voice
Selectable master tuning (both VCOs or VCO2 only) allows easy detuning for huge unison sounds
Polyphonic portamento with linear or exponential response
Noise generator connected to filter input #1
External audio or A440 tuning reference connected to filter input #2
Updated output module with mix and pan control for each voice
Two SO4Vs can be easily connected together - result: eight voices!
Signature plate--each SO4V comes with Tom Oberheim's signature on the front