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Extralife Instruments Super Sixteen

A new kind of control voltage sequencer

The most powerful eurorack CV sequencer in 20 HP. No assembly required - just plug, play, and sequence! Super Sixteen is a 64-step control voltage sequencer with gate, pitch, linear CV, and clock outputs, and a unique 2-handed programming interface that makes programming melodies, rhythms, an basslines a joy.

  • patch memory for 99 sequences
  • up to 64 step sequence length
  • selectable scales and swing timing
  • intuitive motion recording
  • per-step glide/portamento
  • real-time rhythm and pitch effects like beat repeat, stutter roll, and randomization.
  • code and hardware files are open-source for you to edit and experiment


  • Width 102mm / 20 HP (horizontal pitch)
  • Height 128.5mm
  • Rear Depth 38mm (behind panel)
  • Front Depth 16mm
  • Total Depth 55mm

Electrical characteristics:

  • Max current draw: 90mA (+12v) / 5mA (-12v)
  • Pitch output voltage: 0-8 volts
  • CV output voltage: 0-8 volts
  • Gate output voltage: 0-5 volts
  • Clock output voltage: 0-5 volts
  • Clock input voltage: 10v maximum
  • Reset input voltage: 10v maximum


Tutorial Videos:

Basic sequencing and settings:

Advanced sequencing and FX modes:

Generative mutations and Song mode: