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Vox Digitalis

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Small, easy-to-program sequencers are a bit of a rarity. Vox Digitalis is our answer to this issue. With intuitive displays and simple controls, VD is perfect for all your pitch CV needs. Set your sequence length, dial in each note, randomize, save and load 16 sequences -- VD does all the stuff the big sequencers do, just in 4hp.

Etymology “Vocal mime of death” Digitalis -- from Latin “belonging to a finger”; also a plant that will kill you. Vox -- from Latin: “voice”

Vox Digitalis was really unique in design history. We sat down as a team to discuss the module; we knew we wanted to make a minimalist pitch sequencer but each of us had been privately pondering. Stephen had one idea, but somehow, Markus and Kris both had come to the conclusion that the form factor of another module in the pipeline (Fractio Solum) made sense. It couldn’t be shared hardware, but the core layout was similar. It took some Stephen-convincing, and some tweaking of each of those initial conceptions, but we were all quickly convinced that we could do something compelling in 4hp. From there, we had to be incredibly vigilant about feature creep. This led to some pretty heated discussions around NE HQ (we’re not generally fans of key combos. Should we make it bigger? Should we add key combos? Should we make it just do less?). In the end, we thought it would be silly to leave off useful features we could easily implement, but chose to assign only advanced functions to combos -- things that you could use VD forever without ever really needing, but if you wanted them, they’d be there.


Size and power:

  • 4 HP

  • +12v: 50ma

  • -12v: 5ma

  • +5v: 0ma

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