Alive concert at ROBOTSPEAk: The PRO One VS. The PRO 2 Date: 9.6.2014 from 6PM till?

In conjunction with the September Lower Haight Art Walk

Please join us for this free electronic music event when Jonah Sharp (AKA Spacetime Continuum) and Carson Day have an all out synched to clock fight for supremacy that just may push us to the verge of extinction.

They will be armed with two Synth monsters from different ERA's:

-Jonah Sharp with his Analog Beast the olde school Sequential Circuit's PRO One

-Carson Day with its distant hybrid relative and latest from Dave Smith, the PRO 2--abusing it like no one on this planet can !

This will be a bloodbath minus the blood and dismemberment... so, what does this leave then?

Just a bunch of great music being improvised whilst the accompanying drum machines and synthesizers grapple for the upper echelons of sonic perfection, attempting to avoid the possibility of even the slightest hint of wrongness. 


Lower Haight Art Walk Saturday 9.6.2014--time: from 5-9PM.

PRO ONE VS PRO 2 showdown at ROBOTSPEAk: 9.6.2014 from 6PM till?

ALive Electronic Music Event