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Fartbarf and SD&T Live at ROBOTSPEAk Returning in full glory, Fartbarf and SD&T make it back into the underground sound bunker of ROBOTSPEAk. If you haven't seen either of these acts, you are missing out. This will be an early show=early start early end, So, unless you have a good excuse, there is no excuse. Last time around it was over the top=Neanderthals from space ripping out sick bass lines and leads on Analog Synths, coupled with vocoded vocals and Live drums--all sounding perfectly mixed in the RS sound bunker. And SD&T as always, uses his hair to embellish his...

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Live at Robotspeak: Fartbarf Saturday, April 27, 2013 at 7:30pm Join us for an early show Featuring two all analog sets-no laptops! Fartbarf will rock ROBOTSPEAk into a demented state of dementia with a live drummer, vocoded wackiness and vintage analog synthesizers. ROBOTSPEAk's trusted house musician SD&T (Carson Day) will open the night up which as always, is a guaranteed adventure into sonic perfection. Peep the Fartbarf videos below...

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