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The 2016 Northern California / Bay Area Synth Meet is on! Please join us on Saturday October 22nd from 2 till 6pm, when we open the shop up again and give you an opportunity to talk with the reps and check out some incredible gear. Like last year, there will be live Synth music next door at Vinyl Dreams. This is a free synthesizer event that you will not want to miss.  2 till 6PM Saturday October 22nd 2016 Where: ROBOTSPEAk 589 & 1/2 Haight St (@ Steiner in the lower Haight section of San Francisco) San Francisco CA 94117 Phone: 415-554-1977 Email:

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Join us on Saturday October 26th from 2 till 6pm for the first annual ROBOTSPEAk Modular Synth Meet! We have invited vendors to show their Modular synthesizers and answer any questions you may have. Modular Synthesizer performances will be held all day by our co sponsor and next door neighbor, Vinyl Dreams. Be sure to Step down into ROBOTSPEAk and check out the latest from METASONIX, TIPTOP AUDIO, PITTSBURGH MODULAR, TOPPOBRILLO, COA-MODULAR, MAKE NOISE and more TBA. Stop by Vinyl Dreams (next door to RS) to see performances on Serge (both vintage and custom) and Eurorack Modulars. See below. METASONIX Eric Barbour...

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