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Synth Meet at ROBOTSPEAk

Join us on Saturday October 26th from 2 till 6pm for the first annual ROBOTSPEAk Modular Synth Meet! We have invited vendors to show their Modular synthesizers and answer any questions you may have.

Modular Synthesizer performances will be held all day by our co sponsor and next door neighbor, Vinyl Dreams. Be sure to Step down into ROBOTSPEAk and check out the latest from METASONIX, TIPTOP AUDIO, PITTSBURGH MODULAR, TOPPOBRILLO, COA-MODULAR, MAKE NOISE and more TBA.

Stop by Vinyl Dreams (next door to RS) to see performances on Serge (both vintage and custom) and Eurorack Modulars. See below.


Eric Barbour of METASONIX will be demonstrating two new Eurorack modules which have not been announced or demonstrated to the public yet. This is your first chance to see this continuation of the Metasonix vacuum-tube synthesizer revolution.


Dmitri & Elise will demo a COA built Serge Modular Music System with a performance at Vinyl Dreams. A recently acquired 1978 built paperfaced system will be at ROBOTSPEAk for the day.


Richard from Pittsburgh Modular will be on hand to showcase the complete line of Cell Desktop Modular Systems along with a few new surprises.



Josh Thomas will show off the latest Modules from Toppobrillo and answer your questions. 


Dave will most likely never make Eurorack Modules but what would a ROBOTSPEAk Synth Meet be without this Bay Area Synthesizer designers latest contributions in our shop for this gathering? An oversight on our part. So-Join Ex ROBOTSPEAker Carson Day and RS for the FIRST SHOWING OF THE PROPHET 12 and MOPHO SE in the Western Hemisphere!! Carson will also have his Tempest to check out.


James Cigler on hand with a Make Noise rig and field any questions you may have. So stop by and check out the latest from Make Noise!


 Tiptop Audio's Tomio Ueda will be showing off some new eurorack weapons for music construction: the TOMS909 and MIXZ. Of course, we gladly welcome you to come by to demo these modules for yourself - all catalogued modules will be on the floor to try out including the new Trigger Riot, z4000 Envelope Generator, and BD909 to name a few. Shortly after, electronic music producer Tomio Ueda will be performing a short modular + vinyl set bridging the gap between analog synths and analog music.


PERFORMANCES (Next door at Vinyl Dreams)

COA-MODULARS Custom and vintage serge modulars with Dimitri and Elise performing as Slope 114

LX RUDIS Performing on his Serge 

TOMIO UEDA Tomio Ueda will be performing a short modular + vinyl set bridging the gap between analog synths and analog music.

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We hope to see you there !!!


589 & 1/2 haight St @ Steiner

San Francisco CA 94117




593 Haight St @ Steiner 

San Francisco CA 94117