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Subtractive Synthesis through the Roland SH101/SH01a


This class happens at 11AM on Sunday July 28th 2019. 

It will be in the shop and will run about 3 hours and cost $100


We are revisiting our Analog Synthesis class for the second time in 2019.  This at its core, is a class in Subtractive Synthesis that uses the SH101 (in this case the ROLAND Analog Modeling SH01A boutique module) to offer a bit of hands on while the instructor is talking about what is in the class description.

We have done very few classes in the last 3 years. This SH01A installment will be 2nd one in 2019. The original Subtractive Synthesis class we did was similar to this except we were using a Korg MS 20 Mini as our hands on device so the students could follow along with what was being covered. The MS 20 Mini was current at the time but the gist of the topic at hand like what is covered in this installment, was Subtractive Synthesis. 
The last class went well and we will be offering classes more often. Breaking down the shop to make way for the attendees and some other elements have caused this lapse in what was for years, a frequently updated and rotating class schedule. This is the price of having a small shop and too much gear setup-breaking it down for the class.
We are not complaining-the gear is why we do this in the first place.
To all of you who have been asking about the classes and received little or no useful information--sorry about that!
We know that these classes are the most requested.
Introduction to Modular Synthesis
Modular Synthesis
Analog Synthesis: The next level
The class is coming up at 11AM on Sunday July 28th 2019. 
It will be in the shop and will run about 3 hours and cost $100
Instructor Alex Rudis (who has taught our both our Modular and Analog Synthesis class in the past) will be the instructor. LX knows more synthesis related theory/facts both technical, obscure and history wise than anyone I know. You may have seen him perform here during our Church of the Super Serge live show or maybe attended one of his classes in the past.
Thank You!
Analog Synthesis Through the ROLAND SH01A
WHEN: 11PM-2PM Sunday July 28th (a 3 hour class) 
COST: $100 Call the shop at 415-554-1977 with payment info to lock it in. I won’t take any $$  till a week before the date. If this description below seems like something you would like to be part of please call or email us!
 Space is Limited!
The SH-01A is a meticulous reproduction of Roland’s SH-101,
one of the most popular analog synthesizers ever made. 
The new SH-01A has several unique features that go beyond the capabilities of the original SH-101: it is 4 voice polyphonic, its memory can store 64 of your favorite sounds and it has several updated performance features that make it a bit more flexible in live performance than the SH-101.
The SH-101 can be heard on many hits from the 80s, and continues to be a sought-after instrument to this day.  Its straightforward design is great for learning synthesis, and is also extremely fast and intuitive in use. Sound creation and performance techniques learned on the SH101 [SH-01A] are easily applied on other analog synthesizers. 
In this class, we’ll use the SH-01A as a learning tool to study the ‘building blocks’ of subtractive synthesis and we will learn how to combine these elements to create our own unique sounds.  We’ll briefly go over the history of analog synthesizers and subtractive synthesis.  We’ll also do a bit of hands-on work, practicing techniques used to develop original sounds or create a sound similar to another instrument.
The modules (and features) of the SH-01a that we will cover in class include:
Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO)
  sawtooth waveform
  variable width pulse waveform
  sub-octave waveforms
   frequency modulation
   pulse width modulation [pulse only]
Audio Source Mixer(MIX)
Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter (VCF)
  Cutoff Frequency 
Envelope Generator (ADSR)
    gate and trigger modes
Low Frequency Oscillator(LFO)
  Square waveform
  Triangle waveform
  Ramp waveforms 
  Sample/Hold [patched to NOISE]
Polyphony Modes
Memory Storage for sounds and sequences
MIDI implementation