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The 2016 Northern California / Bay Area Synth Meet

The 2016 Northern California / Bay Area Synth Meet is on! Please join us on Saturday October 22nd from 2 till 6pm, when we open the shop up again and give you an opportunity to talk with the reps and check out some incredible gear. Like last year, there will be live Synth music next door at Vinyl Dreams. This is a free synthesizer event that you will not want to miss. 

2 till 6PM Saturday October 22nd 2016



589 & 1/2 Haight St (@ Steiner in the lower Haight section of San Francisco)

San Francisco CA 94117

Phone: 415-554-1977

Email: Info@robotspeak.com

Who will be attending:


2hp come check out the new clock divider module + mystery prototypes.

Dave Smith Instruments -  Marvel at Carson Day's hair as he shows off the Latest from DSI including the OB-6, Prophet 6 and more!

Elektron - In house will the; Analog Rytm, Analog Keys, Analog Heat (New Release!) & 1 or 2 pieces of vintage gear to show off our interconnection solutions.

Make Noise  - James Cigler will be representing Make Noise once again this year and previewing the 0 coast and the latest greatest and most everything in between.

Moog Music - Jake Widgeon will be in from Asheville and bringing a Minimoog Model D, Model 15 Legacy Moog Modular, Mother 32 Rack!

Noise Engineering - Previewing the CI: Cursus Iteritas is Noise Engineerings new oscillator based around three different sets of orthogonal functions. It is 1v/8va and offers 6 tone controls and the MS: Mimetic Sequent the new CV recorder and randomizer with optional expander. 

Pittsburgh Modular - Richard Nichol of Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers will be featuring our new Percussion Sequencer module, Lifeforms SV-1 Blackbox desktop modular synthesizer, and an assortment of our eurorack modules and Structure cases.

Qu-Bit Elektronix - Qu-Bit will be showing off the latest Releases including the Rhythm, Chord And Wave!

Rossum Electro-Music - Rossum will be showing their Evolution Variable Character Ladder Filter, the recently released Control Forge Programmable Universal CV Generator, along with near-release versions of the Morpheus Stereo Morphing Z-Plane Filter and Satellite Universal CV Generator. - Qu-Bit will be showing off the latest Releases including the Rhythm, Chord And Wave!

Teenage Engineering - David Mollerstedt, Head of Audio, will attend from Teenage Engineering, showing the range of synthesisers, the classic OP-1 and all six Pocket Operators! 



Vinyl Dreams-Mike B being the great guy he is and owner/founder of Vinyl Dreams will again this year make it possible for us to do the synthmeet AND have live synthesizer performances a few feet away from ROBOTSPEAk in his shop-- Vinyl Dreams. The performers this year are: r beny, Nasty Nachos, James Cigler, JD, Andrew Ikenberry, redstripedown, Devon (elektron), Candescent, NormAlien & ? Please check in for specific times.

WMD Devices - Alex from WMD will be showing of a few brand-new releases including the Performance Mixer and its expand modules which adds up to be a 10 channel (6 mono, 4 stereo) mixer with full CV control, Cue Mixing, Mutes, 2 Auxiliary sends and more.  WMD will also have the new TRSHMSTR which was a collaboration between WMD and MSTRKRFT.  The TRSHMSTR is essentially a distortion and wah pedal in one module with full CV control and routing options which allow each section to be used individually or in either order you desire.  



The Vintage Synth Museum